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Location: Virtual/Online

Duration: 6 calendar weeks (incl. 3 live sessions plus pre- and post work)

Language: English

Two enrollment options:

  1. Open program: Next cohort in November 2023
  2. Company program: Flexible timing

Time zone: Europe & UK (for other time zones, let's talk)

Price for participation:

  1. EUR 660 per seat in Open class
  2. EUR 6,600 for company program

DEI Club program partner:

Learning Program

Mastering Allyship

Many individuals desire to contribute to a more inclusive culture but are unsure how to. To create truly inclusive cultures that transform the day-to-day experience within the workplace, we need everyone's contributions and, therefore, the fulfilment of this desire to contribute. But that requires individuals to know what to do. Lacking an understanding of authentic allyship may inadvertently contribute to challenges.

‘Mastering Allyship’ is a 6-week learning programme designed to empower individuals as effective allies in driving diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives and thus help organizations create real culture change.

It's a program tailored to a busy schedule, consisting of small building blocks that collectively create an impactful learning experience. In the program, participants enhance their self-awareness, gain knowledge of core concepts within DEI, and, most importantly, acquire tools that empower them to act as allies in the workplace, thereby contributing to creating a better workplace for everyone.

What makes ‘Mastering Allyship’ unique?

Blended learning design: The programme takes place on the DEI Club Community platform where it seamlessly integrates online live modules with action-oriented engagement. A substantial portion of the learning experience occurs asynchronously, leveraging various learning resources such as e-learning modules, homework assignments, peer coaching, and on-the-job experiments. These elements collectively contribute to a comprehensive, impactful, and dynamic learning experience. 

Global Learning Platform: As part of the program, all participants receive a complimentary quarterly membership to DEI Club, granting access to a wide range of learning resources and opportunities that extend far beyond the “Allyship is a verb” programme itself. This includes supplementary learning materials regarding all facets of DEI, exclusive events, tools, and networking opportunities.

Why Join the Allyship Mastery Program?

  • Join to gain a clear understanding of the pivotal role allies play in achieving genuine inclusivity.
  • Master the core principles of allyship, forming the basis for seamlessly integrating DEI practices into your organisation and sphere of influence.
  • Learn effective strategies to address and overcome resistance and hesitations surrounding DEI: The program dispels misconceptions and encourages active engagement and participation.
  • Acquire comprehensive knowledge about various dimensions of DEI. The program covers diversity, equity, bias, and more within the framework of allyship.

Target group

Relevant for all employees

The program is designed for employees at every level who want to become effective allies of inclusion and agents of change in their workplace.

Course description in PDF


  • Increase self-awareness and understanding of behaviors that are inclusive and less inclusive.
  • Improve understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion and psychological safety incl. why they matter.
  • Enable action and inclusive behaviors through role modelling and use of the concepts and tools.


  • Notice own biases and impact before being a voice for others.​
  • Better empathize with and appreciate differences in others.
  • Foster and role model psychological safety in the workplace.​
  • Better understand the power of inclusion in the day-to-day at work.​
  • Be an ally and change agent at work.​

Learning journey

The program takes participants through three main modules, each consisting of a virtual live session plus pre-and post-work. By program completion, participants take practical actions to influence an inclusive culture - becoming change agents who champion diversity, equity, and inclusion in their workplace.

Module 1:

1 ½ hour virtual live session

Building self-awareness and noticing own biases

Dimensions of diversity and the way they shape us

Practical actions to support an inclusive culture in my organisation

Pre-work: Your diversity story +  e-Learning Modules

Module 2:

1 ½ hour virtual live session

Understand the power of inclusion in the day-to-day at work​

Role modelling psychological safety in the workplace​ 

How to be an ally at work

Homework: Self-reflection Audit + Peer-coaching groups

Module 3:
Change agent

1 ½ hour virtual live session

What gets in the way of allyship? 

What an effective ally looks like and what you need to do intentionally to be one.

The nuances of allyship as the concept relates to different dimensions of diversity

Post-work: Peer-coaching

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