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Let’s face it – providing larger groups of employees and leaders with the ongoing inspiration, tools, and support they need to fully embrace DEI and be catalysts of positive change is complex and resource demanding.

Why not let DEI Club do some of the heavy lifting with you?

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Whether driven by ethical, social, regulatory, or other considerations, improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in your organization is an imperative today. Employers are increasingly expected to take decisive action, not just pay lip service via lofty statements.

By taking advantage of a Corporate Membership, you visibly and tangibly demonstrate that organisational wellbeing is important and that you are serious about the DEI agenda and want to empower employees to make a difference. 

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  • Boost exposure of your commitment to DEI 

  • Increase employee engagement in DEI

  • Get membership discount for HR & DEI Professionals.


Only EUR 1999 for a full year.

What's Included in Your Membership?


  • Permission to promote the DEI Club Partnership on your own website and social channels
  • Possibility to “host” and co-brand a DEI Club public event - and invite your employees to attend
  • Article or case study on your company’s DEI efforts published on DEI Club and our social channels
  • Regular check-ins with a DEI expert
  • Participation in moderated ERG community inside DEI Club together with other Corporate Partners
  • Dedicated community space for employees or employee groups (e.g. ERGs) inside DEI Club - run by you
  • 10% membership discount for DEI & HR Professionals in your organization
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Let Employees Co-create a
Culture They Want to Be Part Of

Human-centric workplaces do not exist by coincidence. They are purposefully designed, skillfully built and carefully refined over time. 

With a dedicated Employee Community on DEI Club, you can provide the infrastructure, learning opportunities, sense of connectedness and human agency your company needs to mobilise and sustain a workplace movement toward greater diversity, equity and inclusion.

Whether you bring existing employee communities such as Employee Resource Groups into your DEI Club Employee Community or build a company-wide community from scratch, let your employees co-create a community-powered social movement in the workplace. 

We Enable Knowledge Building,
Cultivate Curiosity and Guide Efforts

We know it can be intimidating to begin the DEI journey, and that even if your organisation is already making steps towards a more inclusive environment, the right road can be uncertain. So, we are happy to provide practical guidance and support for your organisation at any place along the DEI journey.

Together with our partners, we develop and deliver learning programs, enabling services, and advisory that support each phase of DEI change and help companies gradually build a thriving community of allies inside the organization.

Learning Programs

Framework For Organisational DEI Change

The Pursuit of A Sustainable Movement

We have developed a simple yet powerful organisational change framework for DEI that is designed to guide internal DEI efforts in the pursuit of a creating a sustainable DEI movement that humanises the workplace.

It consists of three phases of employee growth that make up a cycle of culture change, plus a foundational element that addresses the need to aid individual change through governance mechanisms and processes in the organisation. 

Infectious Inclusivity

The aspiration is that individuals living through this cycle will become "infectious", and begin to naturally influence others around them through their spoken words and actions — thereby creating a virtuous cycle of change.

When a large enough group of employees are "in the cycle", it brings the cumulative efforts and collective mindset and behaviors to a tipping point by which adoption accelerates and becomes embedded into the fabric of the organisational culture.


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Saira Rasool, HR Development Partner (Denmark)

"The DEI Club helps me gain inspiration, share ideas and have interesting discussions with like-minded professionals. Being a part of the community challenges me and makes me a better professional within the DEI field"

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