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If you care about the DEI agenda, and believe it's possible for all workplaces to be happier, more human and inclusive places, then you belong here. 

DEI Club is a global learning community for DEI & HR Professionals that enables a social movement towards greater diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace by making sure everyone has access to the resources, support and learning opportunities they need to be DEI change makers.

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A membership gives you access to the entire DEI Club platform and community, allowing you to:

  • Join a global movement with others who want to create a world of human-centric workplaces
  • Build relationships with other DEI practitioners and experts from around the world
  • Accelerate your learning via expert events, courses and peer interaction
  • Access a growing library of plug and play DEI tools, templates and playbooks
  • Get the latest DEI trends and research curated for your needs
  • Tap into global as well as local perspectives, insights and experiences

All new DEI & HR professional members will be invited for a personal 20-minute onboarding session to help you get started and discuss how you can extract maximum value from your DEI Club membership.

Katarzyna Jankowska, Talent & Diversity Manager (Poland)

"The rich spectrum of members and the extensive range of tools and learning opportunities make this place unique on the global DEI map. I find DEI Club a place to grow for the benefit of inclusive workplaces and my personal development”

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FREE membership for DEI & HR Professionals


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Bi-annual “State of DEI” benchmark survey


Learning Programs and Courses

Both the Standard and Premium DEI Club membership gives you access to a growing catalogue of learning programs and courses designed and delivered in partnership with experienced facilitators, trainers and subject matter experts. 

Many of our programs go beyond conventional approaches by leveraging social learning dynamics and the DEI Club platform to create truly immersive learning experiences for participants.

Check out our current catalogue of programs and get in touch if you would like to talk about how we can support your DEI learning needs. 

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Get Together In A Clubhouse Near You

Clubhouses are local network groups where you can get together in person to share, learn and grow with other members from the same geographical area as you.

Groups consist of 10-20 members and are formed with people of similar experience level and/or professional role to maximize inspiration and learning impact.

Clubhouses conduct 4-5 physical network meetings per year that are typically hosted at members’ workplaces and supplemented by 2-4 virtual network meetings hosted in dedicated Clubhouse community spaces in DEI Club.

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