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Culture change

Forging Lasting Cultural Change

Creating a workplace that thrives on diversity, equity and inclusion isn't just a trendy notion. As leaders and organizations strive for excellence, the significance of cultivating an inclusive cultur...

Change management

The Role of Change Management in Advancing DEI

How can we most effectively develop change strategies that adapt to the constantly evolving DEI landscape, while optimizing our approach to change management?

Community and social learning

The Power of Community and Social Learning

Embracing social learning within communities offers organisations the agility needed to navigate these evolving complexities.

Psychological safety

Speak IN ! Why "speaking up" doesn't work and what to encourage instead

Laurin Mooney is on a mission to help leaders address the challenge that we all know exists but remains largely unspoken and unresolved

Mobilizing men

How to get men to actively support gender equality

What are the common barriers holding men back from engaging in gender equality and what may be potential remedies?

Balancing activism with professionalism

Professional activist or activistic professional?

How can we balance activism and professionalism as DEI professionals to get the impact we want?

Behavioral science

Why DEI change is hard – a behavioral science perspective

How can companies identify enablers and take the actions that will bring about the behavior change necessary for creating a truly inclusive environment?

Uncomfortable conversations

Everybody benefits when the Pink Elephant is addressed in DEI conversations

Tiptoeing around sensitive topics or forcing attitudes on other people are ineffective strategies for advancing the DEI agenda.

Unfolding Motivation

Strategies for motivating others

How can we structure DEI initiatives to better inspire and motivate others?