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About DEI Club

The picture is
always changing

We believe that DEI holds the power to humanise organizations and therefore be a massive force of positive change because it brings out the best in people... when it's done right.

But how can we know what the right way looks like, when the landscape of this relatively new space is constantly changing?

Hearts and Minds Work Best Together

At DEI Club, we think the best way to navigate towards a healthier and more welcoming workplace is by collaborating and learning with others who are also working for the same ideal. 

As a DEI or HR Professional, you are an important part of the cultural transformation that is the DEI movement. Our ambition is to make DEI Club an important and integral part of your work life. 

By making sure the information, insights, inspiration and relations you need are right at your fingertips, we hope to enable you on our joint mission of creating more human-centric and inclusive workplaces. 

Everyone's Invited

We all have an important role to play.
And while we couldn't do it without you, no one can do it alone.
That's why DEI Club was created.

DEI Club enables DEI & HR Professionals to come together to keep learning, share experiences and stay motivated to challenge the status quo, sustain real change and spread allyship.

We exist for every single individual working to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in organizations. 

And to that end, we are also open to vendors and other individuals, as long as you share our mission to create more human-centric and inclusive workplaces.

Calling upon all DEI & HR Professionals

We Support You — And Your Strategy

We help DEI & HR Professionals tackle a number of tasks and challenges, including:

  • Instilling a basic understanding of DEI and what it is to have an inclusive culture
  • Gaining buy-in from top management to support your emerging DEI agenda
  • Translating your DEI vision into strategic objectives and a concrete plan of action
  • Selecting and implementing the right KPIs for your strategic objectives
  • Mobilising and supporting your Employee Resource Groups and other employee groups
  • Identifying DEI related risks and aligning key stakeholders around necessary mitigating efforts

Cecilie Rosengreen Kringel, DEI Club founder

“To succeed with DEI endeavors, we need more people to join the conversation.
DEI Club helps organisations make their DEI efforts more sustainable by involving more people through community-driven engagement.”

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Without you,
DEI club isn't
what it could be

When we come together to share knowledge and support each other, we create something that’s so much more than just the sum of its parts.

Join the club to be part of a global movement to humanise workplaces! 

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