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Location: Virtual/Online

Duration: 6 calendar weeks (3 x 2h live sessions plus pre- and post work)

Language: English

Enrolment: Only available as company program

Time: Flexible

Price for program: EUR 11,500 (3-16 participants)

DEI Club program partner:

Learning Program

Inclusive Teaming

Inclusive Teaming veers away from conventional individual-centric learning paradigms by positioning teams at the core of its strategy. The programme is thoughtfully designed to zero in on the foundational dynamics that underpin high-performing teams, notably emphasizing the art of collaborative engagement and harnessing the power of diversity. Participants are equipped with profound insights and competencies, nurturing the cultivation of a team environment characterized by psychological safety and inclusivity.  

With a blended learning design consisting of three virtual live sessions, three self-paced learning modules as well as exercises to be integrated into everyday activities, the programme acknowledges that most of our learning happens "on the job" within a specific context. In the interaction between learning and input from the program, along with the associated exercises to be conducted within the team's daily work, the team gets to experiment, explore, and embed new ‘ways of working’ in the team.

What makes ‘Inclusive Teaming’ unique?

  • Team-centric approach: Unlike most other learning focusing solely on individuals, this programme prioritizes teams as the core unit of change. Recognizing that collaboration and collective effort are essential for effective DEI improvements, it emphasizes the power of teams over isolated allies. 
  • Blended learning design: The programme combines the strengths of virtual learning formats with action-oriented engagement. This approach ensures that teams not only understand but also apply their insights directly to real-world scenarios, making the learning experience more meaningful and actionable.
  • Social learning integration: A key aspect of the programme is the emphasis on social learning. By providing all team members with the same insights and knowledge, the programme creates a shared foundation. This process of learning together fosters mutual support and accountability within the team thereby increasing the level of inclusion.
  • Global DEI Community: The programme goes beyond the immediate learning content as participants become part of a broader global community in DEI Club. This community offers access to valuable resources, insights, exclusive events, peer networks, and more. 

Why Join the Inclusive Teaming Programme?

  • Create stronger team bonds: The programme boosts team connections and understanding, fostering better teamwork.
  • Learning together: Teams develop agreed-upon behaviors, which helps to create a psychologically safe and inclusive environment.
  • Higher collective performance: The programme cultivates psychological safety, which is likely to boost efficiency and creativity. 
  • Unlock the power of open and candid conversations: Through this investment in team growth, open and honest conversations will flourish. This in turn minimizes misunderstandings and brings out skills that might have stayed hidden otherwise.

Target group

Relevant for teams

The programme is designed for teams (up to 16 employees), functional and project teams alike, who wish to create an inclusive and psychologically safe team environment to foster well-being, growth and high-performance.

The design of programme supports participation of teams who are geographically dispersed.

Course description in PDF


  • Improved teamwork and collaboration: By boosting team connections and understanding.
  • Team ground rules: Teams develop agreed-upon behaviors, which help align expectations and create an atmosphere where everyone feels free to take risks, express ideas or concerns and challenge status quo.
  • Increased team performance: The program cultivates psychological safety, which boosts efficiency and creativity.
  • More inclusive team communication.


  • Understand the fundamentals of diversity, equity and inclusion incl. concepts such as ‘identity’, bias, and privilege. 
  • Increase individual awareness of how to be an inclusive colleague.
  • Understand global differences and nuances of inclusion.
  • Understand the concept of psychological safety and how to foster it.
  • Master communication strategies for supporting an inclusive team culture.

Learning journey

The programme takes participants through three modules, each consisting of a virtual live session and self-paced learning tutorials, as well as exercises and assignments to be completed 'on the job' in the team setting.

Module 1:
Team Identity

2-hour virtual live session

  • Identities in the workplace: what constitutes ‘identity’ and how it shows up at work.
  • The diversity of identities in the team.
  • The concept of intersectionality.
  • Inclusive behaviors.

+ Fundamentals of DEI via self-paced learning module

Module 2:
Disrupting Bias

2-hour virtual live session

  • How culture impacts business interaction.
  • Review of GlobeSmart cultural dimensions as a language to understand multicultural workstyles.
  • Stereotypes and generalizations.
  • Strategies for interrupting bias.

+ Pre-module: Completing the GlobeSmart Profile
+ Post-module: Self-paced learning module on Psychological Safety

Module 3:
Inclusive Communication

2-hour live virtual session

  • Virtual communication strategies to drive inclusion in cross-border teams.
  • Best practices for virtual inclusion and collaboration across the team.
  • Micro-inequities and micro-affirmations.
  • Communication strategies for supporting an inclusive team culture.

+ post-work.

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