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Location: Virtual/Online

Duration: 2 calendar weeks (incl. 2 live sessions plus pre- and post work)

Language: English

Two enrollment options:

  1. Open program: Next cohort 9-23 Nov 2023
  2. Company program: Flexible timing

Time: 2 x live sessions from 09:00-11:00 BST / 10:00-12:00 CET

Price for participation:

  1. EUR 490 per seat in Open class
  2. EUR 2,500 for company program

DEI Club program partner:

Learning Program

Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive leadership is crucial for organisational success as it brings out the best in people. It is a leadership style that, for the benefit of both the company, the individual, and the team, revolves around creating an environment where everyone feels seen, heard, respected, and treated fairly. Such an environment sets the conditions for individuals and teams to collectively perform their best work.

However, knowledge of DEI alone is not enough, and inclusive leadership can easily be perceived as something abstract. Many of us mistakenly believe that we are already very inclusive – but inclusion requires active and deliberate daily behaviour.

The “Inclusive Leadership Learning programme” is an intensive learning journey for leaders wishing to enhance their inclusivity. Participants are introduced to the core traits and competencies of an inclusive leader, to classic barriers, and actionable steps.

This program breaks down the concept from abstraction into tangibility, equipping leaders with practical tools for implementing inclusion. It accommodates busy schedules via two virtual learning sessions and a series of exercises seamlessly integrated into daily work life.

What makes ‘Inclusive Leadership’ unique?

Blended learning design for rapid impact: The program seamlessly merges the benefits of virtual learning with hands-on engagement. It includes live online classes that provide participants with essential knowledge, terminology, and practical tools for immediate application in their work. The learning journey also involves substantial asynchronous components, utilizing a variety of resources like exercises, homework assignments and knowledge sharing among participants.

Global learning community: As part of the program, all participants receive a complimentary quarterly membership to DEI Club, granting access to a wide range of learning resources and opportunities that extend far beyond the Inclusive Leadership programme itself. Including supplementary learning materials regarding all facets of DEI, exclusive events, tools, and networking opportunities.

Why Join the Inclusive Leadership Programme?

  • Gain practical insights into becoming a more inclusive leader.
  • Develop Practical Inclusive Leadership Skills.
  • Understand the barriers that hinder diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces, and learn how to navigate and overcome them.
  • To be able to demonstrate inclusion through practicing the methods of Inclusive Leadership, Modern Leadership Styles, Data Collection and Inclusive Practices.

Target group

Relevant for all leaders

The program is designed for progressive leaders at every level who want to develop or strengthen their inclusive leadership skills - thereby increasing leadership effectiveness. 

Course description in PDF


  • Increase knowledge, confidence and competence to be an inclusive leader.
  • Increase knowledge on how to actively engage as an Inclusive Leader by exploring the 6 Traits of Inclusive Leadership.
  • Gain an understanding of the barriers that prevent the achievement of diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces.
  • Explore the solutions to developing Inclusive Leadership skills. 


  • Awareness of the importance of intentionally being an inclusive leader and the characteristics required to be one.
  • Understanding of the barriers that prevent the achievement of a diverse and inclusive workplace through the actions of a leader.
  • Demonstrate inclusion through practicing the methods of Inclusive Leadership, and inclusive practices. 

Learning journey

The programme takes participants through two modules, each consisting of a virtual live session plus pre- and post-work. We will explore the concept of inclusive leadership, its importance, and how to practice it.

Module 1:
Inclusive Leadership Fundamentals

1 ½ hour virtual live session

  • Defining core Inclusive Leadership Behaviors
  • Common barriers to inclusion 
  • The role of unconscious bias and how they create micro-inequities 
  • Psychological Safety and it’s impact.

+ Pre-work.

Module 2:
Solutions for Positive Change

1 ½ hour virtual live session

  • Introduction to the Inclusive Leadership Scale
  • Key characteristics of modern leadership
  • The importance of data collection to advance DEI
  • Inclusivity across business units – what it entails
  • Practical steps to become a more inclusive leader.

+ Diary and 360 feedback.

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