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Location: Virtual/Online

Duration: 2 calendar weeks (incl. 2 live sessions plus pre- and post work)

Language: English

Two enrollment options:

  1. Open program: Next cohort 9-23 Nov 2023
  2. Company program: Flexible timing

Time: 2 x live sessions from 09:00-11:00 BST / 10:00-12:00 CET

Price for participation:

  1. EUR 490 per seat in Open class
  2. EUR 2,500 for company program

DEI Club program partner:

Learning Program

Psychological Safety at Work

Psychological safety has been well established as a crucial catalyst for fostering high-quality decision-making, promoting healthy group dynamics and interpersonal relationships, driving greater innovation, and enhancing overall organizational effectiveness.

However, establishing and maintaining psychological safety within a team or organization, though conceptually simple, is a complex and multi-faceted undertaking. It necessitates an understanding of the conditions required for everyone to feel safe to express their ideas, ask questions, and take risks.

‘Psychological safety at Work’ is an intensive learning program for those who wish to understand the unique characteristics of psychologically safe environments and learn what it takes to create them. The learning program, designed with consideration for busy schedules, consists of two learning modules with life sessions and a series of exercises to be incorporated into daily life.

What makes ‘Psychological Safety at Work’ unique?

Blended learning design for rapid impact: The program combines the strengths of online learning with action-oriented engagement. It offers live online classes that equip participants with knowledge, vocabulary, and tools to use in a working environment coupled with practical exercises and assignments between modules.

Global Learning Community: The program goes beyond the immediate learning content as participants receive a complimentary quarterly membership to DEI Club and become part of a broader global DEI community. This community offers access to valuable resources, events, and connections that extend beyond the program itself.

Why Join the Psychological Safety at Work Program?

  • Join to gain a deeper understanding of the concept of psychological safety and how it impacts the workplace.
  • Explore the barriers to psychological safety and how this impacts inclusion.
  • Learn ways to develop and support psychological safety in your immediate sphere of influence.

Target group

Relevant for all employees

The program is designed for employees at every level who want to contribute to fostering a workplace culture in which it feels safe to be yourself - for everyone. 

Course description in PDF


  • Explore the definition of Psychological Safety and why it is important.
  • Explore how Psychological Safety can impact the work environment.
  • Explore the barriers to Psychological Safety and how this impacts inclusion. 
  • Explore approaches to developing and supporting Psychological Safety in your workplace.


  • Awareness and knowledge of Psychological Safety and its impact and importance in the workplace.
  • Demonstrate commitment to develop Psychological Safety through changed behaviors, actions and attitudes. 

Learning journey

The program takes participants through two modules, each consisting of a virtual live session plus pre- and post-work. We will explore the depths of Psychological Safety, its importance, and how to cultivate it.

Module 1:
Psych Safety Fundamentals

1 ½ hour virtual live session

Key Concepts: Understanding the foundational terms and principles related to Psychological Safety.

The Importance: Exploring why Psychological Safety is crucial in personal and professional contexts.

Barriers Overview: Introducing the different types of barriers that hinder the establishment of Psychological Safety.

+ Pre-work assignment.

Module 2:
Solutions for Positive Change

1 ½ hour virtual live session

Gain insights into actions, attitudes, and behaviors that drive a culture of Psychological Safety. 

Impact: Understand the profound impact of Psychological Safety on team dynamics, creativity, and productivity.

Learn practical strategies to increase Psychological Safety within your teams and become a catalyst for positive transformation.

+ Diary and post-work assignment.

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