DEI Club


Location: Virtual/Online

Duration: 2 calendar weeks (2 x 2h live sessions plus pre- and post work)

Language: English

Two enrollment options:

  1. Open program: Next cohort 28 Oct -12 Nov 2023
  2. Company program: Flexible timing

Time: Live sessions Nov 2nd & 9th from 9:00-11:00 BST / 10:00-12:00 CET

Price for participation:

  1. EUR 790 per seat in Open class
  2. EUR 7,900 for company program

DEI Club program partner:

Learning Program

Everyday Inclusion

While many employees have good intentions and aspire to be inclusive, they often encounter opportunities for improvement in their everyday interactions and impact on others. 'Everyday Inclusion' is a learning experience designed to help employees move from awareness to action by equipping them with essential knowledge and tools to foster inclusivity. 

The program delves into the five dimensions of inclusive behaviors derived from the 'Inclusive Behaviors Inventory'. Guided by skilled facilitators, it provides actionable recommendations and adaptable content that seamlessly integrates with a company's existing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives. 

What makes ‘Everyday Inclusion’ unique?

Blended learning design: An efficient blended learning program that fits busy schedules and rapidly equips participants to comprehend barriers to inclusion and the actions necessary to be an inclusive colleague.

Measurable Progress: Participants can track their development by comparing their inclusive behaviors before and after the program using the Inclusive Behavior Inventory.

Global Learning Community: As part of the program, all participants receive a complimentary quarterly membership to DEI Club, granting access to a wide range of learning resources and opportunities that extend far beyond the “Everyday Inclusion” programme itself. 

Why Join the 'Everyday Inclusion' Programme?

  • Embark on the Everyday Inclusion Programme for an accessible entry into the DEI journey.
  • Transform inclusion into a tangible and actionable reality.
  • Experience a dynamic and interactive learning experience that sheds light on workplace realities.
  • Gain a global perspective on global diversity and inclusion issues, applicable locally and internationally.
  • Discover practical behaviors and actions to nurture empathy, self-reflection, meaningful dialogue, and voluntary initiatives.
  • Be able to assess inclusive behaviors using the Inclusive Behaviors Inventory.

Target group

Relevant for all employees

The programme is applicable for employees at all levels who wish to develop or strengthen their understanding of inclusion as well as their ability to operate inclusively. 

Course description in PDF


  • Increase knowledge, and competence to be an inclusive colleague.
  • Gain an understanding of the barriers that prevent the achievement of diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces.
  • Bridge the gap between good intentions and taking action. 
  • Measure individual progress through self-assessment using a standardized inclusive behavior inventory. 


  • Ability to recognize and confront biases. 
  • Understand the science of bias and what research tells us.
  • Ability to recognize micro-inequities and create micro-affirmations.
  • Become familiar with the multiple layers of diversity and how they intersect.
  • Proficiency in devising strategies for promoting workplace inclusion, both formally and informally.
  • Capacity to assess one's own level of inclusive behavior and identify practical actions for enhancing inclusion within the workplace.

Learning journey

The program takes participants through two modules, each consisting of a virtual live session plus pre- and post-work. We will explore the concept of inclusivity, its importance, and how to practice it.

Module 1:
Barriers to Inclusion

2-hour virtual live session.

  • The science of bias and what research tells us
  • Key types of unconscious bias via the CIAO model
  • Recognizing micro-inequities and creating micro-affirmations
  • Strategies to disrupt bias
  • Action planning

+ Pre-work.

Module 2:
Inclusion in Action

2-hour virtual live session

  • The value of inclusion 
  • The diversity wheel: multiple layers of diversity and complex identity
  • Five stages of inclusion 
  • Personal results: Inclusive behavior inventory 
  • Action planning

+ Post-work.

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